@tanimuraemi My 2020 graduate collection, entitled ‘Survivalist', explores ultra-functional and adaptable outdoor-wear. Designs aim to provide wearers versatility, comfort, and relief in challenging, changing environments. The inspiration behind this collection came from moments in my life where I’ve fallen into unexpected hardships and analysing how we as people are able to quickly adapt in difficult unforeseen circumstances. I wanted to design garments that could quickly adapt in the same way, with easy understanding of the multiple functions. Due to the pandemic, I was only able to make 2 looks from the collection. Look 1 features the 'Bomber Bag'. The concept behind this design came from moments when I get too hot outside, and when I want to remove my jacket it becomes an inconvenience to carry around. With the Bomber Bag, you can quickly transform it into a fully functioning backpack that provides extra storage and comfort. The jacket has a heat-tech lining to keep the wearer warm. The backpack has 7 different compartments and a bungee cord for any additional items. The backpack is made from a technical material called ‘Supplex’ that is waterproof, breathable, wind resistant, anti-tear and has a UV protective finish. The oversized double bellow cargo pants is made out of upcycled dead-stock fabric with a waterproof finish. Look 2 features the 'Tent Trench', which is a trench coat that can transform into a tent, acting as emergency, temporary shelter. The bottom half of the trench coat can easily detach and instantly inflate into a 1-man tent. The tent itself is easy and simple to erect. The built-in inflatable poles eliminates the hassle of carrying around heavy tent rods. Rather than the whole coat turning into a tent, I designed the trench coat to detach from the waist so that you are still left with a jacket to wear for when you want to leave the tent.

Survivalist: Adapting to Change

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