Livin’ La Vida Weirdo for A/W 2020 by Olivia Rubens is an experimentation with and juxtaposition of playful aspects of femininity, and awkward, lonely and dark aspects of youth and womanhood. Referencing imagery from Lauren Greenfield, Greg LaVoi, Noel Kerns, Larry Gianettino and William Eggleston, colour, texture and shape were developed into fabrics using waste thread, organic wool and locally produced mohair yarns, and banana / peace silk to name a few. Different ways in which knits can be put together were experimented with, as well as knit trims and details, and structure with tubular knit and felting, and the combination of these with suiting and wool coating. From chunky to fine gage yarn, playful knitwear designs were created while working to deteriorate and destroy these with dissolvable yarns and fabrics to achieve juxtaposition within the fabrics, which finally led to the similar embodiment of these contradictions in the silhouettes.

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