POLEMIC ARTICLE "You are required to write a polemical article about a fashion object. It is important that you are clear about your approach and voice in relation to the object you have chosen to write about. In your piece, it is important that you consider the cultural, political, social and/or economic contexts of your chosen object and include elements of description, analysis and critique. You will need to consider where your polemic would be published which might affect your choice of fashion object and your tone of voice. Your choice of object is up to you, as long as it is fashion related. This article should be appropriately laid out based on your chosen publication aesthetics. You may use images – primary or secondary – to illustrate your article. As part of your submission, you are required to submit a 50-word statement outlining your approach and voice. Include information about where this article would be published and your reasons for this."

Why AI Is Good For Fashion

A Polemic Article written for a Writing Folio for the Fashion Objects Unit

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