My MA final project KIDULT is a series of designer toys, aimed at Chinese millennials, designed with the idea to explore the artefact as an emotional companion. From my own experience and personal perspective, this work explores the need for emotional carriers for adults. I summarized data from multiple platforms, fielded different stores and exhibitions, and then found that adults are still a significant part of the toy consumers. The main reasons for adults' enthusiasm for designer toys are their nostalgic behavior, their self-compensation for the lack of companionship in their childhood, and their pursuit of individuality due to the impact of different cultures. Depends on the research above, I drew extensively on toy images and color schemes that were available in the 1990s, taking into account the impact of foreign cultures on the Chinese market at the time. For example, I used European and American tin toys, Japanese robot models and manga expressions in my design work. The main materials of this series are: PLA resin, SLA resin, lamb skin, foam, American walnut, gold plated brass, and gold leaves.

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