This artwork describes the family conflicts in lockdown


Loneliness There are many circular patterns on this fabric. You can see that the center of these circles is black, and the color gradually lightens from the inside to the outside.What makes up these circles is a DIY material, which is a kind of hand-made game for children and a decompression game for adults. Small cylinders of different colors are put together and melted with an iron to form a 3D pattern. I use this material because I use this game in lockdown to decompress and solve loneliness. It's also suitable for children. The black in the middle of the circle is a symbol of loneliness. People are isolated from everything around them because of their loneliness. At the same time, their negative emotions will also affect the surrounding environment. Therefore, with the distance from the black part, the colour will become more and more bright.

Artist’s statement

This artwork is the final work of my new normal project. Lockdown is the topic of the new normal project. I did some research on family conflicts, because in lockdown, families had to stay in the same place for a long time and could not go out, parents often had conflicts because of household chores, and children were often in an isolated position.I have to say this was my story, too. In lockdown, my parents had a lot of conflicts and quarrels . During their cold war, no one would listen to me or talk to me. I felt lonely and didn't know what to say to them.The whole world for me is dark. At that time, I began to play some decompression manual games to relieve stress and bad mood. Even if they get back together now, I won't forget the hard feeling. And this was not unique. In fact, many families had such conflicts, and it was often the children who are the most innocent and painful. In order to show the experience and mood of these frustrated and neglected children, I created this artwork with textile as the medium.

Let me briefly introduce my work process. When I have an idea, I sketch it out in time and then refine it, so that it becomes a good idea. And then I'm constantly tweaking the draft to make it more balanced. After that, I'll think about how to turn this idea into reality, and I'll do a lot of experiments. Take my new normal project as an example. The inspiration for this work was family conflicts and I wanted to design a fabric about this topic. After some research I looked for different materials in my life and thought about the possibility of using these materials to make fabrics. These materials may not be related to fashion design, but sometimes they are a good carrier for my inspiration. I used a DIY material that children like to use as the main body of the fabric, and this material was often used by adults to decompress. I thought about the meaning behind the color and chose the color I need to express the change of childre’s mood. Black colour means loneliness, and other bright colors represent good mood. At the same time, The arkwork ‘Loneliness’ also expresses the theme of this work, ’ isolation’, because circles can not be combined like Tetris, but can only be an independent individual. What my works want to show is the children who are isolated from the happiness outside because of their family conflicts, They can only stay at a lonely work and can not communicate with others. When I finish my artwork, I don't immediately think I've finished it. I'm used to putting it aside and waiting for a few days to think about what new ideas I have and whether they can make my work better. I often need to change some of my ideas in order to make this work more meaningful.

In short, creating an artwork is a very long process, which may take days or months. Inspiration and state are very important. I often have to face many unfamiliar fields and try to understand them. At the same time, I need to refer to information or works from others. It is not an isolated process.

Artist's statement

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