In the process of designers' "idea" becoming "reality", they need to cooperate with people from many different fields. Therefore, "seeing" is one of the important ways for people to understand each other's ideas, and it is also an important tool for fast and accurate communication and problem-solving. I've talked to some designers and found that "visualization" tools are becoming the new normal for design. This "visualization" is not the traditional production of 3D pictures, but a new technology that can show the results of the design in real-time, reality, and accurate. This will dramatically improve the way we work, and "what you think you get" will become a reality. the virtual platform I designed would immediately see a real result based on their ideas. Designers can immediately present this result to clients and colleagues. They can discuss and refine it together, and the whole process and new results are presented in real-time and in real-time. So, my poster is called "Work in the Future". This virtual platform will be a new brush, a new showcase, and a new bridge of communication.

Work in the future

this is a new work process. Using a new pen, we can do what is thought is seen

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