My work is a continuous illustration of a common phenomenon in the network. Although because of the popularity of the Internet, the era of Internet access for all has begun. On the surface, the rapid dissemination of information has brought convenience to life. But the dark side of the Internet is also beginning to appear more and more. For example, people no longer pay more attention to the news of charity assistance, but pay more attention to and participate in the network of human flesh, disclosure of personal privacy, stranger harassment, and all kinds of lies and fraud on the Internet, public figures and brand buying water army to control public opinion, network violence, and the continuous attention of the onlookers on the negative events of the network, which are increasingly becoming our life days Often.

The Audience

The news on the Internet attracts a large number of viewers. they don't know the truth but make a lot of comments on things.

Privacy Disclosure

People who are concerned about on the Internet have no secrets.

Tear Out

The people who are attacked by the Internet

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