When human beings realize that there are more than right and wrong, good and bad in the world, and realize the limitations of dualism of things, people begin to rethink the definition of "common sense" and re-judge common sense. The core theme of the discussion of "‘THEY'" is the awakening of human gender, which has been with me for 7 years. With the gradual opening of people's ideas, gender is not limited to men and women, and LGBT people have gradually become a growing group. At the same time, however, I have a clear understanding of how sensitive gender issues are in China. I hope that my works can help people not to be restricted by gender dualism. Tear off labels that are forced to be attached because of gender. I will provide a blank book, let the audience see the story of "THEY" clearly. I made a series of illustrations by interviewing 20 strangers about gender issues and using each person's unique fingerprints as design elements. The purpose of this series of illustrations is to let people know more about LGBT people, and more importantly, make everyone realize that the decisive factor is not your body, but your mind.


in my opinion ,Gender is not a part of your body, its depends on your self-awareness .I hope people realize that when you are not suitable for a certain gender model, it will not lead to isolation and depression. More importantly, no matter what gender,everyone in society is safe

Source of inspiration

I am a fan of LADYGAGA, so I have been paying attention to gender issues since I was in high school. Especially in China, I found that gender labeling is too much, and there are many friends around me who are troubled by sexual preference problems.Unfortunately, in China, gender dualism has become the only criterion to measure gender. In June, J. K. Rowling caused a great social controversy due to her anti-transgender speech.Combined with many negative news about gender labeling that I saw on Weibo at that time,I decided to start studying the gender issues .


I don't want my work to be a presentation of my personal views. I prefer to be a bystander and play a leading role. My starting point is to hope that my work is just a medium.

The physical existence of "THEY"

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