I drew my inspiration from a reflection about what have we learned from COVID-19. I think COVID-19 has made us aware of two basic things. The first thing is how vulnerable and fragile we are as human. We used to believe that we are indestructible and powerful. But the fact is that just a small virus like coronavirus can destroy everything in all manner of ways. Therefore, the necessarily precautions and protective equipment are urgently needed. Another thing we have learned is we should watch out for fake news and false information which are highly infectious and harmful, many people even lose their lives because of misleading information. Therefore, have our own judgment about the authenticity of news is very crucial. In terms of style, I managed a striking design form to quickly catch people's attention. The red tone symbolized the emergent situation we are facing. The yellow tone represented warning, reminding us to be vigilant about fake news. The composition gave viewer a feeling of crowd, to express the tense atmosphere we are facing.



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