These pictures are all about the environmental problems which happened during coronavirus. The main idea I want to express through these works is that human protected themselves during the covid-19 by using disposable plastic products, but these things gave the nature irreversible damage. The coronavirus always connect with how the disappearanceĀ of human make nature alive again, but merely do people look at the trash we made and how it will harm the nature, and I want people to start to think about it.


Human is celebrating their rebirth but the environment is all polluted.


Green on behalf of the nature. It express the human ask everything for nature, but never give things back to nature.


A couple of lover kissing with a plastic wall between them. The plastic wall shows a gap between human and the other side.

Dry Land

The man is all surrounded by plastic. The dry flower he hold shows the dead nature. But he choose to close his eyes and ignore the fact.


The man standing far away from the camera and holding a plastic frame to isolate himself from the nature surround him.

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