I was inspired by the “The Fall Winter 2020 Campaign”, this show Theme is ‘The Ritual’, and model and photographers swap identities, they shoot videos by themselves, to show the real daily life when they stay at home. It is also because of the pandemic coronavirus, lock down. And I also browsed the websites from our New Normal Project Plan, called ‘pride inside’, I realized the mental health is very important during this hard time for everyone. We can all get through it, with a positive attitude to face. And, I want to make a video to convey the energy, to care about people’s mental health. I found some materials on the Internet and tried to make a video which is fits my theme, and I want to show the positive attitude towards life. In China, food represents human natural desire and lifestyle, it is also the ritual in our life. Also, we eat different food to celebrate the festivals, so I want to add these elements in the video. I want the audiences find the balance between hobby and study after watching this short video and enjoying life more.

The Ritual

The Ritual, video, 2:19

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