The project, Memory Therapy Center, is the translation of memory in space from the perspective of neuroscience.This project is designing a small building where people can store their memories, in case they have brain injury and forgotten things. As a respond to how memory can be transformed into space, the building would be looks like brain waves from outside. The interior spaces are transformed also from brainwaves lines, intended to give audience a sense of healing to relax then strong stimulation to help recall memories. The approach of designing this project combined with neuroscience is to finding familiar elements or identifiable fragments which can evoking collective memory. And multiply its dimensions to enable a reimagining of time and space finally to achieve the memory therapy purpose.

Yi Zhou Postgraduate Portfolio of MA ISD UAL


Spike Surface

The translation of memory, and make it into architecture surface.

Long corridor space

Color and size are used to enhance the spatial depth and create a sense of a long corridor.


Surface interior

The tubes are made of glass and light can be spiked into the interior space.

Surface interior

When people reach the upper space, they see a roof made up of tens of thousands of spikes.

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