This is a painting mixed media. The dimensions are 180 mm × 230 mm. This work is inspired by discussions about family relationship on social media during the epidemic. I find not only some discussions about couple relationship, but also some about the parent-child relationship. Most of these discussions are negative. Family conflicts have been on the rise during this period of time.The establishment of intimacy in china is mostly based on "traditional concepts”- becoming a couple or becoming a parent. Even when we are hurt in an intimate relationship, it is still difficult to stay away from each other because of traditional concepts. This made me think about intimacy - Have we always been subject to marriage and blood relation under traditional Chinese concepts? I use the cracks in the barren ground to symbolize the broken relationship between people. The branches represent marriage and blood relationship which tightly bind people together. And the sun that doesn't know whether it is rising or setting in the distance symbolizes an unknown ending. I was effected by Nan Ye and interested in his colour which expressed a dull mood.


Acrylic on paper mixed media, 180 mm × 230 mm

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