My work is mainly based on my thinking around the COVID-19 incident. The name of my work is ‘Frog at the bottom of a well’, which is also a Chinese proverb referring to a frog sitting at the bottom of a well who thinks the sky is as large as the wellhead. The mankind, just as the short-sighted frog in the metaphor, normally do not be aware of how vast the nature is, or ignore the fact that there are many things that people are too weak to control - before the power of nature, human beings are tiny enough. For the COVID-19 incident, some people say it is the result of someone’s eating wild animals, while some others say it occurred as the result of a biological experiment. No matter what the truth is, it is for sure that human beings lack the awe of nature and animals, and we should learn something from this experience. The frog in the well is also a metaphor of things such as Italian residents’ being confined at home during the outbreak of the epidemic and playing music on the balcony to alleviate the boredom from being unable to go out. The giant frog and two frogmen were playing music on a quiet night, symbolizing people’s performance during the outbreak of the epidemic. People find refuge and a way to escape from anxiety in music. Although the situation of the epidemic is still severe, the power of art is also formidable on the other hand - the vivid scene of Italian people’s attempting to use music to boost their emotions and gather strength always reminds me of this...

UAL New Normal Project

I made a video recording of my New Normal Project.

Final images in different colours and styles

First mind map, collage


By procreate (iPad)

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