The project expresses happiness brought by delicacy in some special times in the form of a Ferris wheel lined up with hand-made food ingredients. Once you see it, you will recall the pleasure and fulfilment after having comfort foods during the pandemic.


As you can see in the middle of this page, my project is called delicious Ferris wheel, because I found delicious foods always bring people positive mood, especially in some hard times. This inspired me to replicate smile and pass pleasure to others. I did some relative collage and research, and then I tried to draw something based on food ingredients. Finally, I connected them with a Ferris wheel. Basically, people who see Ferris wheel can feel at ease. That’s the point I made it.


As we all know, most restaurants closed because of the pandemic, so people tend to cook by themselves, including me, which also make us happy. This gave me the idea to make a design to pass pleasure to others. so firstly, I did a brainstorming about comfort foods in special times to find something interesting, like different dishes and cultures, and our physically and psychologically changes after cooking. Then I collected many moments at the lower left, which show delicious foods made by different people, including myself, to feel the happiness at that time. And then I used some elements in this time to made a collage, which is showed at right. This girl is happy with this extraordinary period. Although shops were closed, she was not upset about that. She cooked by herself. She takes to fried egg, and prepares to travel after everything backing to normal. Finally, there is a report about comfort foods in her hand, which said food has been used as a special type of medicine that is anti-depressant and to cure the mood that ails us. I know some people are stressed because of the pandemic, but just look at this optimistic girl, she will give us strength.

Research & Sketch

I researched Korean hotpot, which is another kind of comfort food. It is said that people during Korean war always suffered from hungry, so they collected food ingredients left by US military to make hotpot. They didn’t expect that it was delicious. And Korean soldiers also did so to make them be full of energy. Korean hotpot is a popular cuisine until now. Based on my research, I tried to illustrate different foods. You can see it at the lower left. The mixed background represents people's bad mood. Various foods flying out of the treasure chest break the negative energy and express happy sense. Finally, I designed a Ferris wheel lined with delicious foods, because it’s the hot item in amusement park and always brings people happiness and fulfilment.

Making Process

I wound the wools twice on a curved wire, and fixed the wools with a heart-shaped handwork, to make it into the shape of a Ferris wheel. Then, I used acrylic [əˈkrɪlɪk] to draw various ingredients on suede, and cut out these patterns to fix on the Ferris wheel with lines.

Fianl Work

Delicious Ferris wheel matches with the sunshine and blue sky. The second photo shows more details clearly. Actually, I enjoy handcraft, which makes me more detailed and patient. But my final work is still not perfect, because it cannot stand, so maybe I should add a base to it. I also learned a lot from this project. On the one hand, I became more logical through the research and design process. On the other, I’m more optimistic about life. No matter how the world is, just embracing the moment and living in the present. I hope one day there is a real delicious Ferris wheel. There are fruits, cakes, and snacks in it. People coming in totally forget about the bad things, and are just happy with it.

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