My artwork takes a creative view of a combination of roads and virtual feelings. I looked through many online visual resources and got inspiration from some photos of my city. During this special period, many online services develop and people have already accepted some online forms of activities. Such as online exhibitions, online concerts, etc. I want to use this video to create the scene that there will be digital roads with some virtual and interesting function in the future. In order to achieve this goal, I spend lots of time learning new software that I can not utilize deftly in the past. I try to use coding and adjust the setting to render some pictures that I can utilize. Then I try different palettes and chose the most suitable one. Rendering a series of materials base on this picture and at last, I edit them become a video. I am a student of MA GAME DESIGN in London College of Communication. I am good at coding and thinking, but it is hard for me to produce something beautiful or artful about aesthetics because I have little experience in this aspect. I try to take advantage of my professional skills, so I create these materials and try to express the dynamic feeling using a short video. This project consists of multiple knowledge. During research and production, new areas of ideas arise and lead to the final project.

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