Due to the coronavirus, all live concerts were cancelled, which is a pity for many pop music fans. However, after two or three months, online concerts began to become normal and have already become a new way of entertainment at home. These two artworks show the change of the way of the concert people watched with geometric figure. The circle is used to summarize the different forms and colors of lights in live concerts, and the rectangle represents the screen of mobile phone and computer. When you look at a panoramic picture of a live concert, you can see that the lights, the ribbons and the audience have all turned into dots. For online concerts, the most intuitive change is that everyone can only watch concerts through electronic devices. In fact, there are many key points in this topic, such as the change of singers, the impact of music market and so on. Among them, the angle of the change of viewing mode is easier to show with artworks. In the whole process of making paintings: determine the theme, look for inspiration and revise the works again and again, there are many solved and unsolved problems. These problems can bring new experience and thinking space to everyone.

live Concert & Online Concert

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