This is a dynamic poster, please click on the video to watch~Do you feel any discomfort when you see this dynamic poster? Yes, the author used an intuitive way to simulate the process of wild animals entering the human plate. However, the persecuted animals have actually suffered more. When COVID-19 was discovered in Wuhan, the South China Seafood Market entered the public eye. Where you can not only buy seafood, but also various wild animals. Although the source of COVID-19 does not have enough evidence to show whether it comes from wild animals, discouraging others from using wild animals is a new normal in China. The work is composed of two parts, dynamic and static. The first thing that catches the eye is the blood dripping from the dinner plate. The author used two different blood effects to simulate the scene of wild animals being killed by humans. Although the author only shows a small part of the picture, it gives the audience unlimited space for reverie. In a static background, the use of pangolins and bats represents the early stage of COVID-19. Some scientists suspect that it is related to human consumption of pangolins and bats.

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