This painting work is focus on the topic which is during the pandemic, the Internet and the media have changed the minds of people. Nationalism and unilateralism are spreading on the Internet. During the great quarantine, the Internet became the primary means of communication. Many extreme emotions are becoming more acceptable in the context of the world, some people choose to defend their ideas by ostracizing and attacking others. With the transformation of the world pattern, this may be a New normal, so I choose to carry out my project with this theme. This painting was mainly made in Photoshop, using the traditional painting method of oil painting. In the picture, a lot of symbolic expression techniques are used to express some specific ideas. The waves are an important element of this painting. On the surface of the waves, you can see a lot of code, which represents that all kinds of information from the Internet is constantly washing people's minds. The heads of the characters in the picture are burning with terror, which represents the extreme thoughts, they like pirates on the new land in search of prey


These are some of the different styles that have been tried in the past


The wave

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