After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the world, people's lifestyles have been greatly changed. In order not to be cross-infected, it is very necessary to maintain a certain social distance. This art work combines the virtual world with the reality through the use of AR glasses, and proposes a new idea. Let people and designers pay more attention to the problems from the current new normal, and use technology to give people new directions. First, I made a poster of my research. This poster shows some new normal in the context of novel Coronavirus. Thus, I used AR glasses to transform the traditional way of commuting into a new way of commuting, and made a piece of art for the future development direction of this new normal. Finally, this illustration shows the visual effects of using VR glasses. The gray on the left of the work symbolizes the virtual world that people see through AR glasses, while the rich colors on the right symbolize the real world.

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