The project aims to call on people to protect animals and refuse to eat wild animals. When coronavirus just broke out, looking for the source stage, the Wuhan seafood market was revealed to sell the state protection animal. I was very impressed. As early as 2003, the source of SARS was identified relate to bats. However, today there still media reports that people ate bats.It is easy for ignorant people to forget history. The random change bar chart here is inspired by the changing bar chart of the number of patients and deaths published by the official during the outbreak period.The other part could interact with mouse which was written by the processing language. I hope to deepen people's impression by participating in this behavior. I want to express that, keeping in mind the global crisis, some people say that human beings have destroyed the earth, and the epidemic has saved the earth. I hope that by awakening the memory of our nation's hard times, in order to firm and keep people's thoughts. Here are the interactive project links´╝Ü

Impressive bar chart

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