My project is a video called The Shatoujiao Gallery, which I think is a good way to express my personal understanding of “new normal”. Shatoujiao (Sha Tau Kok), a small town between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, is a quiet and peaceful place, and it is also a place where I have stayed for over 22 years.Ever since the covid-19 break out, our lives are truly influenced and our surroundings are different from before. Therefore, it might be a good idea to show something about new normal by making a video about what I saw. The main purpose of the video is to show people what’s going on in my hometown, also to show what my hometown looks like during the special times. Through the project I first tried to deconstruct the reality in a documentary style. This video represents my feeling of Shatoujiao along with my observation of the new normal.

New Normal Project - The Shatoujiao Gallery

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