This time, I created a series of illustrations made by Photoshop, and which tends to help people who working from home realizing that working efficiency is reduced due to procrastination. My work is a critique of the common procrastination phenomenon and it combines romanticism and minimalist aesthetics at the same time. It refers to the flat illustration style. My works are centered around colors, and it’s something I want to achieve a kind of “peculiar and dreamy atmosphere” of my images. In addition, I use exaggerated and absurd images to reflect my theme. Compared with the tension and vitality of the lines, the use of simple color blocks might not be able to cause first visual stimulation, it would not be too fierce, but I hope that the audience could have a more comfortable and harmonious visual experience at first sight. People would gain some enlightenment and some inspiration at viewing, and could continue to face the life with a positive attitude.

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