Represented LCF for the Sophie Hallette University Design Challenge 2017 - 3rd winner reward. The starting point for the development of this collection refers to the principle of introducing more nature into Human life. Looking to the city, specially when nature has been combined into modern spaces, brutal architectural references has been collected as inspiration to develop structured sillhouettes, exploring tailoring as main signature. The nature is represented by lace used in so many different ways and mixed with a wide range of techniques such as dying, embroidering, laser-cutting, mounting and apliques. To emphasize the urban handritting of the collection, stripes and heat tape has been used holding the tule into the “body” shapes. Creating an image of contrast, where tradionally, modernity, delicacy and strength play a whole together, this collection has the aim to reinforce and to remind us thats is not always easy to think green, but is never too late to try.

JOÃO ELIAS - Sophie Hallette: University Design Challenge 2017

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