The artwork "Spiritual Practice Time" is in the form of a CD. It is intended to alleviate the state of self-denial and self-doubt with depressed patients , and to guide patients with positive emotions. Three illustrations depict depressed patients who still have hope and strength in the state of depression. The design of the CD surface and the recording of the audio are to express a concept of infinite loops of pain in depression. With the spread of the pandemic, the closed environment has aggravated the fear and anxiety of some people. In fact, the clinical response brought by depression made me realize that psychological care is very important to patients. I think the state of depression is an endless loop of black holes, and people will be repeatedly troubled by the same problem they fear. The beautiful things in the morbid psychological perspective are often related to protection, hope and victory. The protective color of the octopus in the work, the image of the oasis and the winner in the battle of ideas also reflect in this view. My works usually revolve around morbid psychology, and try to explain the so-called abnormal phenomena in life with a new attitude.

Sink into the sea

Infinite loop

Lost in the maze

Final work

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