The inspiration behind my artwork is based on conspiracy theory which might caused the pandemic. In addition, any conspiracies that I applied in my artworks do not have science evidence to prove it. It just based on imagination of someone. All the resources came from social media. The reason of the why my idea came from conspiracy is because I am interested in something unrealistic although I knew that is not a fact. While I read the story about the conspiracy I can imaged it in my brain such as watching movies. For example, in my second collage there have lot of images adopted the elements of alien. Moreover, the main role of final project was an alien with a huge eye. In the pupils of the eye shows what did the people do during the lockdown which mean alien is observing us. Among my artworks, the first artworks is different with other else. This collage is attempted to indicate the beginning of the outbreak and simulated the emotions of people during the pandemic.


New normal

A painful struggle

Conspiracy theories

Eagle eye

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