My artwork show up one of the experience in my life. I was inspired by a picture from the instagram, the picture gives me a feeling of lonely and it reminds me that i have the same feeling in last year. I would like to present the things which is close to our life, i want the audience to have the same experience. I choose use the digital painting, this is the first time i use the digital painting to make an artwork. Because compare with the hand painting, the digital painting are more easier to modify and it can try different kinds of performance. In my series of work, i focus on the emotion from the people. I choose me as the main character, by the creating of atmosphere, to present the emotion from the people. First one i want to let the people to get the feeling of lonely from me, to let them understand what kinds of situation i stay in. Second one is show that i am getting rid of the bad emotion, try to get in a new status. Third one shows that i am in a new status now, the purpose of those illustration i want inspired the people let them to get my feeling of loneliness and let them to built a positive attitude in life.

You are not alone

The name of this artwork is You are not alone. There are three picture in this artwork. I am the main character, the three pictures are three different status in a period of my life.

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