In recent years, I no longer look for creative materials in traditional fields, but instead focus on other disciplines, and I will discover the infinite possibilities of innovative materials. By using chemical materials and drawing inspiration from ancient alchemy culture, I created environmental artwork— “The bottle of ouroboros ",that can arouse people's awareness to the potential negative impact of water invisible chemical pollutants on children's health. I hope that my environmental artworks can inspiring more artists, such as trying to collect discarded metal salts from factories to create artworks, instead of discharging them into the river or the sea. These chemicals have a new way to use, which art gives with their new lives, the worthless materials become more valuable. On the theme of the work, I turned my attention to spirituality and religion, as well as thinking about the relationship between human emotions and the universe. Try to use innovative materials, such as biological materials, chemical materials, and combine different media to subvert the traditional illustration and realize the practice of futuristic illustration artworks.

The bottle of ouroboros

Material:Metal salts/sodium silicate solution/tin foil/glass

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