The concept of this group of illustrations is that no matter what impact changes (injury) have on our life, since it has become the node of life trajectory change unintentionally, even if it left a scar, it is a worthy thing. Cause I find that most of us are anxious for a wound to heal after an accident. When it begins to scab, we seem to feel the urgency of blood vessels flowing under the skin. So, the theme of the first slide is to emphasize scarring and the flow of blood vessels. The shape of the scar reminded me of a river or a nebula, so I chose this composition. Similarly, because we pause or delay our study during the recovery period, when we begin to re-examine our lives, it can feel stressful, like floating from the bottom of the sea to the sky, which is the theme of the second slide. The theme of the third slide is that as we reorient our lives, we find that even though we've given up some things because of this change, new goals are still connected to it, and those new goals are not unreachable planets in the universe.

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