In a series of my illustrations, I used some cut and spliced photos, many color blocks made with Photoshop, and lots of textures to restore the feeling of the change of people's emotions and emphasize a sense of reality. I want to find something connected to reality in an unreal painting. In today's Network era, advances in technology have made physical distance less important. When people meet some troubles or happiness, they will share their emotions on the Internet. However, everything cannot be addicted. My artwork is a continuation and reflection of this phenomenon. I think the audience for my work is the public. Due to my undergraduate major was art education. I tend to make people reflect on their own behavior from the artworks. So I want to explore some of the phenomena that happen in society, that happen in the general population, that happen around us. Digging out the thought-provoking issues in the phenomenon, in an interesting way of painting in my work, is not serious.In the form of illustration, these images can successfully visually express and evoke people's emotions and atmosphere, so that people's voices can feel the emotions expressed by the images in the context.

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