My projects are made of mirror, plastic beads, butter paper and my illustration. There are three works which show the topic of body shame, gender fluid and beautify selfie. I have an unforgettable experience of living in a small town which enable me had countless time to observe everything around me. So, I take my trifles as a source of inspiration and try to explore the beauty of ordinary life. With the development of my illustration skill and life experience, I am no longer moved easily by cool and beautiful but indulge real life state with artistic method. I think of my works as a record of the times I lived in, like modern people looking an ancient Chinese painting, we got information about not only aesthetics but also the life of ancestors in that era. In the recent year, I began to accumulate my knowledge from other fields like film, lecture, documentary, literature and even crime analysis which made me more inclusive and considerate of people who from different class as well as respect their life experience and skills. As an illustrator, my works show the life from an equal perspective, rather than from a lofty enlightening angle to educate my audience, art is inclusive and unbiased.

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