How might installations help people to psychologically process the damage caused by COVID-19 to people's mental health? Based on the nature of human beings in childhood, I use beads, buttons, and wool to decorate masks and gloves that would trigger the frustration of the epidemic to create primitive comfort. The seemingly gloomy environment can actually be broken through by optimism and vitality. It is an extreme display that transcends parallel time and space. My inspiration comes from the oil paintings of Austrian artist Klimt. Given the background environment similar to Spanish influenza a century ago, I wanted to create a resonance across parallel time and space. Contrary to the status quo of escaping despair, we should actively respond and create a new way of coping under the new normal. In fact, I tend to classify my art work as visual therapy, where I can use people’s empathy to convey concepts and feelings with my unique visual language. I hope that this narrative way of visual arts could be of positive and delightful use to change people’s view or make them rethink the issue, or at least, genuinely comfort them.

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