I felt deeply about the word anxiety during Covid-19. My work is to remind people that even in such a difficult environment, we need to keep a positive attitude, which is responsible for our body and mind. I have been fond of painting since my childhood. At the same time, because the family runs a clothing store this triggered my enthusiasm for clothing design. I have chosen to use fabric as my vehicle to express my idea as I think it can have a more intuitive feeling. I tried to use the burning fabric process to show the destructive power of anxiety to people. The three cloths overlapping is like a cross section of a human lung, which reflect the erosion of the human body from the inside out. I think as I’m in a learner's position I need to appreciate and draw inspiration from the work of famous designers. I often go to the library in the process of making materials, to think about the composition of clothing, and then to complete them by hand. Personally, my work can reshape fabrics and inject new elements. It makes ordinary fabrics more interesting and creative.







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