This is temporary Chinese ink painting called “what existence is reasonable”. This painting uses watercolor, ink and rice paper. The dimensions are 70cm×90cm. This work is inspired by a kind of giant wrasse called a kobudai. This is because when any large female reaches a critical body size, she can begin a dramatic transformation. Over a few months, particular enzymes inside her body cease to work, and male hormones start to circulate. As time passes, her head expands, her chin gets longer. A she has changed into a he and with this comes a change in temperament. The old male who rules all the females here is challenged to a face-off. The more bulbous the head, the more it intimidates on an opponent. Inside the body of every Kobudai female, there is a new male in waiting.I want to say something about gender ambiguity, because the blurring of the boundaries between genders has become a new normal. As mentioned in the previous articles: Inside the body of every Kobudai female, there is a new male in waiting.

what existence is reasonable

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