I am a person who likes to pay attention to life, and I like to read the news. A news story about a hospital that had shaved all the nurses who were fighting against the virus caught my attention during this particular period. I think nurses have the right to choose whether to shave their hair or not, and the hospital should not own females’ bodies. I love fashion design very much. However, in the process of learning, I found that installation is also a good way to express my own views, so I decided to appeal to people to respect nurses more through installation works. Hair is a landmark item in my artwork, it represents the whole thing about that news. During making it, I used woolen yarn in my work that replaced the hair. Meanwhile, I used punk elements, rivets, to express my direct opposition and protest to this matter. I am a student. My goal is to express my ideas and feelings through my artworks, and I wanted to strike a chord with people, and I believe I'm getting into that part of expressing myself.



Research and Analysis


Final Work

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