My work is an in-depth discussion into the relationship between nature and the man-made, and how to protect the ecology, whilst simultaneously allowing the living environment to blend into nature. The most important aspect in the relationship is the choice of spatial texture. The second focus is on the harmony with nature, which can be achieved by not using enclosed spaces which limit the architectural form. Finally, in the space, the sense of touch, smell and hearing also become the overall factors to experience the building and its layout. As a student, I hope that I can explore the field of nature and space, because today’s society is paying more and more attention to the protection of nature. Especially this year, there have been some catastrophes caused by human factors. And human beings have embodied the close relationship between man and nature from primitive cave dwelling life to the current urbanized ecological environment. Therefore, people's yearning for nature is still very enthusiastic. It is my research direction to explore the materials, creative methods and techniques in artificial spaces, and how to better integrate spaces into the natural environment in visual effects.

Draft plan

Concept generation


Interior design

Interior design

Interior design

Panorama Effect

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