In the new context of COVID-19, our lifestyle has become isolated. Staying in this special environment for a long time would make people feel bored and negative in their mentality. If colors are used to describe this emotion, it may be grey or black. At the same time, through exploring my own behavior and reaction, I found that online shopping has become the new normal of home isolation, and it is also a way of emotional venting. Therefore, my project uses various colorful little goods to build a subjective indoor amusement park, including three themed scenes: toys of childhood; party; girly heart. I selected representative elements and symbols by categorizing products, and then arranged them in specific scenes to form a unified visual language and sharp color contrast. Each scene is independent, but the collage of different elements makes images show coherence and story. This could also be seen as a playground for the spiritual world, which uses bright colors and interesting stories to add colorful joy and hope to the grey spiritual space. This is an emotional release and thinking about COVID-19 in a restricted space, and it also forms a sharp contrast with the boring and restricted reality environment.

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