My work is to look at emotional problems with a positive attitude. My source of inspiration was people's emotions during the epidemic. I think in the face of the epidemic, human beings are small and the mental trauma after the epidemic was indelible. This situation triggered a terrible reaction. Most people, and I was no exception, began to have a variety of emotions, such as depression, anger, anxiety and so on. Many people don't have the courage to face bad emotions. I want people to be brave enough to face bad emotions and solve them through my works. My work uses Photoshop to collage all kinds of emotions and combine new silhouettes. Although I used the computer to collage and didn't print out the pictures, the final effect was almost the same. In the design process, I chose red, black, white and gray as the main colors of the whole suit, because in my world, these colors can represent emotions. For me, my goal is to create my own clothing brand and join Paris fashion week. Although I'm just beginning to learn fashion design, I think people still need to have dreams, which can motivate me to work hard.

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