The project I want to talk about the difference and interaction between brands. My inspiration comes from the special social background during the epidemic. In this tense social background, conflicts and struggles every day, scarce medical resources, sacrifices and losses between social interests, and a sense of urgency in life. Such tense contradictions and conflicts have inspired various social problems and contradictions.There was a social incident that caused great controversy and discussion. I want to present and think through my works. During the epidemic, there were a lot of social restrictions. Among them, Beijing skp mall stipulated that no delivery staff were allowed to enter the mall. Is the formulation of such rules full of discrimination and prejudice? Beijing skp mall is a well-known luxury mall in China. In this context, this conflict and contradiction is not just a contradiction of rules. Meituan take-out is a well-known food delivery brand in China. However, due to China’s special national conditions and large population, the human resource of food delivery staff is not important. Due to low personal requirements for work, there has always been a special social view for this industry.

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