Art lovers and designers might have more innovative ideas even during difficult periods such as the Covid-19 crisis. Creating fantastic artworks could help people to cope with a crisis as well as reduce stress and anxiety. Therefore, I decided to focus on mental health. Logically, I think “protection” would be an awesome topic. I felt safe and protected when I heard some moving stories about excellent doctors in China, who sacrificed their time or even lives to save and protect their patients. From my perspective, there were three types “protection”. For example: 1. Physical protection provided by mask, isolation, social distancing, shelter or home. 2. Psychological protection provided by religion, beliefs, families, friends or love. 3. Medical protection provided by doctors, nurses, medicine, or medical scientists. Thus, I decided to use 3d modelling to express my feelings. I hope I can successfully connect to other people and help them get through this difficult time by sharing my emotions and feelings through my artwork. In the process, I faced a lot of difficult situations, but I received the encouragement and help from my tutor, who encouraged me to stick to my original plan. In difficult times, just like everyone in lockdown, we can move forward due to the fact that we receive protection attention and encouragement.

PROTECTION - Design process


Inspiration collage about the theme protection

PROTECTION - Final Artwork

Final 3D modeling design artwork

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