This project was my response to the New Normal times that we have to live through. I think art is like oxygen to artists, life goes on and art goes on. My inspiration comes from a video about meditation that I saw on YouTube during the epidemic. In this project, my goal is to hope that everyone can balance their positive and negative emotions and regain control of their lives through meditation training. So, I set up a meditation group, and a meditation music video for our group. I have set up a meditation group on WeChat. My team now has 22 members. The main members are my family, friends and classmates. So far, there have been two meditation sessions. I completed my first music creation through the music production software GarageBand. I made a piece of music which combines meditation music and techno music elements. Next time I would make an electronic meditation music album. If I were to continue with this project, I would use more art forms to promote my meditation group.

Electronic meditation music by The Seven Elements

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