This collection was my response to the New Normal times that we have to live through. In this series, I want to encourage people to keep an optimistic attitude toward their life during the terrifying pandemic. I was inspired by the marriage vow and a challenge my friend encountered on their journey to see the aurora in Finland. In my design process, I extracted some key elements from the marriage vow to create my logo design for my friends. The first point is that I flattened the shape of the Aurora Borealis and used curved lines from top to bottom, surrounding the love heart to represent the image of the aurora. Furthermore, its colors were taken from nature. In addition, I created various new logo shapes to show the diversity of this collection and I used distinct styles of it to decorate with different objects, like installation, stickers, canvas bags, etc. Some of them were given as gifts to the wedding guests.That’s what I want to convey in this project. When they use these things, they will remember these inspiring moments, and my purpose will have been achieved.

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