I divided my project into three parts: isolation, reunion and scenery. What I want to reflect in isolation is the sense of helplessness and loss felt by those who are in isolation after the outbreak of the epidemic. I set all the photos of this stage to black and white, because black and white can better reflect the feeling of oppression. The second part is the reunion, and I used color for this part of the photo to create an emotional contrast with the isolation photos. After a long period of isolation, distant relationships are brought back together. This part tells the reunion of man and food, lovers and nature. The third part is some views of the end of quarantine. I have found an interesting phenomenon, after the isolation period, the sky became bluer, and all kinds of small animals became more vigorous. Although there is a seasonal factor, it is mainly due to the fact that human beings reduce their outdoor activities and thus reduce their pollution to the environment. So we should live in harmony with nature and avoid destroying it. Viruses and bacteria have been around for billions of years, but humans are only a few million years old, so we must have a reverence for nature. Cherish the present moment to be with those we love.

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