During the epidemic period, new rules, new policies and new regulations have flushed the old life away. We are going ahead to a new generation- Post corona age, and those people who are not willing to come with us will become the phantoms of the "old normal". I depicted those phantoms as the "ghosts" in my work, they are regarded as the embodied spaces between people who follow the social distance in the queue. I believe that after the chaos, maybe ten years or more later, we will gradually get used to their new life, we live as usual, or "new usual", but those ghosts will still accompany us to remind us these days.

Follow the new direction

Brand new sign, brand new life.

Old tradition & new wine

Last time we did that was during the Black Death.

Eagle catches Ghosts

They would not actually know what is happening by now, but they will realize it one day.

Pass the line of life

He will become one of “us” soon.

We are still with us

Life is as well.

Will it melt?

Guess who built the ghost snowman.

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