This is a leaflet/flyer designed for a supermarket that only belongs to people who have recovered from the COVID-19. These recovered patients not only suffer from sequelae, but also suffer from social discrimination. I did some research, lepers have to wear strange costumes and hold bells to remind people to stay away from them. I think this is very similar to what has been happening in the world. I think the bell in the hands of leprosy is a symbol of people's prejudice. Everything in the supermarket is labeled, just like those recovered patients are labeled by society. I combined the supermarket leaflet to design, it looks ordinary, but in fact it is brand new. They became a new species, we will be divided into two types of people. Even the world was divided into two different parts. Everyone will have a new life, but this life may also become a normal state in the future. As an artist I want to use an ironic way to show the part of the new life that these recovered patients will face, trying to call on more people to understand them and try to get people thinking about this.





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