I broke up because of the pandemic, so I made a project about love, and this was one of my initial sources of inspiration for this project. We couldn't see each other as often as before, so we broke up. In addition, because my father was on a business trip abroad, my parents hadn't seen each other for almost 7 months before that, and they could only maintain their relationship through mobile phones every day. Therefore, I want to use conceptual installations and collages to express the changes in people's emotional connection under this new normal, and I want to use the impact of electronic products to explore the meaning of this change for people. I was influenced by Yayoi Kusama and Ryoichi Kurokawa, so my final works are tend to be more conceptual. Wire meshes are an abstraction of electronic products, expressing the importance of electronic products to us under the new normal, and symbolizing the shackles of the pandemic to us; and the red PVC material wraps my head to show the emotions of us eager to see the one we love under pandemic, then the light and wire meshes form an image similar to the lungs.

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