I designed two posters to remind people about safety tips on COVID-19. By COVID-19 has given us a lot of new habits and precautions. So, One is ‘keeping social distance’, another is ‘stay at home don’t eat out’. Caution tapes and warning boards are very common elements in COVID-19. I thought about why they are both yellow and black. Then I thought of bees because they were a red flag. I use bees to represent that everyone is dangerous, because bees are poisonous, and their pattern means they're dangerous, just like in the current epidemic phase, everyone is dangerous to everyone else. Then I designed a garden with many flowers, and there are a few white flowers with a virus. I would say the bees go to the garden just like we go to a restaurant. These viruses are lurking all around us. Viruses are everywhere, and we're like bees that want to live in groups but have to be separated.

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