artist statement Hanbo Sun 21/09/2020 The final form of my work consists of three black and white digital photographs. In this project, I am centering my photography around the emotions that an international student feels in the new situation of coronavirus.As an international student, I am about to go to a brand new environment and the nervousness and anxiety that I feel about being alone in a new situation is what I want to express through this work. Through my arms and face, I connect and express with my body language, so that the "state of self-protection" is expressed through my body language.I also used black and white tones in the work, as I think the impact of the black and white photographs can be felt more viscerally in the suppressed emotions in the work.In this way, I want to express the situation and feelings of contemporary international students through this work.

Panic 1

Panic 2

Panic 3

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