No man is an island, which is the theme of my project, is originated from a poem written by an English poet, John Donne. No one is isolated in this society. Loneliness can never be a state of the new normal even during this special situation while love and hope should be. Though we may physically be isolated with each other due to the quarantine or lockdown, we can always connect with others mentally through different mediums. The inspiration for my works comes from ‘Animal Crossing’, which is one of the most popular video games that goes virally during the pandemic. It allows people to communicate and entertain with their friends by sharing unique experiences on everyone’s virtual island. This is in accordance with my theme that people could always keep their social interactions while facing some obstacles. To express the theme, I chose an electrical painting with strong colours. The main characters in my paintings are the animal partners from the game. They keep a positive attitude even be surrounded by dangerous elements. My idea is to strengthen that art always can bring people with joy, hope, and positivity especially when we are going through some hard times.

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