My work is a small cartoon composed of eight illustrations. My inspiration comes from the online courses we are taking right now. If it were not for the information age, people would not have so many channels to learn and acquire knowledge. It can be said that the information age has brought people into a new era, new normal. My work mainly focuses on the expression that with the advent of the information age, people's way of obtaining information has changed, and the world has become more extensive, so that people enter the new Normal. The little black figures in this story represent all of humanity, while the world outside the wall represents the uncharted territory of humanity. Tells the story of people choose to go out of the comfort zone, to explore the more crazy expansion of the world, so as to usher in a more developed new normal of all mankind. In the process of my creation, I focused on the color selection of these five images. It started with a simple palette of pink, blue, yellow. The simplicity of color represents the lack of information. In the fourth picture, green appeared on the choice of door color, indicating new hope and more information. In the fifth image, when the little black person pushed the door open, he found more colors, meaning a wider range of information. The character also changed his color, which means he, and all of humanity adapted to the new normal, integrated into the new society, and changed his original way of life.

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